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Error Coins
Error Coins
Whether you are looking for off center struck coins, coins showing mechanical
doubling, coins with die breaks, indents, struck through errors, coins with
curved or clipped planchets, or those blurry double die coins, this will be the
place to find new ones being added to the coin market everyday. Make sure to
save this page in your favorites to quickly keep an eye on the new additions.
2017 US Error Coin Guide
2017 US Error Coin Guide
This guide is comprehensive
and unsurpassed in presenting
the most error coins containing
double dies and other coin
errors. All coin errors listed have
been certified by the most well
known encapsulation services
and sold by major auction
houses. Modern day coin error
listings with photographs and
values at auction. Do you have
one of the modern day valuable
coin errors that may still be
located in circulation worth
thousands of dollars?
2017 US Error Coin Guide
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