Shipwreck Coins

Over the centuries
many ships have gone
down in the sea from
storms and battles
leaving their cargo
undelivered and
presumed lost forever.
Now modern marine
techniques have
yielded dramatic finds
from now famous ships
such as the Atocha,
the El Cazador, the
Admiral Gardner, The
S.S. Republic and
more. Now you can
hold in your hand
some of the most
prized coins in the
world including silver
Pieces of Eight and
Gold Doubloons!

Shipwreck Coins
The Atlas of
Shipwreck and Treasure
Divided into two
sections, the first part
offers readers an
illustrated account of 40
of the most interesting
shipwrecks throughout
history, plus 14 feature
spreads on particular
themes such as pirates
and privateers. The
second section contains
20 large-scale pictorial
maps that plot the
locations of over 1400
wrecks around the world
together with
information on each.
The Atlas of Shipwreck and Treasure
The Atlas of Shipwreck and Treasure
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